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TpLinkRepeater.Net Login Process

detailed information on http // Setup wizard

Assuming you are a novice in setting up tech and getting things together, getting your range extender to work with the existing wireless router can be too much of a task. This is where this website comes in. Letting you sync your router and range extender with each other so you can enjoy seamless internet connectivity at all times. If you need help with accessing the login page for the first time, or have already set up things but are unsure how to proceed, this website is your one-stop source for every information.

Tp-link repeaters are reliable and offer a user-friendly experience. The signals can reach up to the farthest corners of your home or office to ensure all-around network connectivity. When you see your TP-Link repeater for the first time, you’ll see the external antennas that act as the signal receiver and transmitter. Now, starting from how to connect the devices together, to how to access the tplinkrepeater net setup wizard and more, you’ll probably need help with the repeater setup.

Using the login URL

Locating the Perfect Spot for your Tp-link Extender

As important as it is to know how to proceed with the network setup, is to know where to install the device, so you get seamless network coverage. When it comes to choosing the right location for your tp-link extender, you can choose any location. However, always ensure that your selected space is free from any obstacles and intensive signal interference. You can place the extender anywhere between the primary router and the location you will use your computer or other wireless devices.
TP-Link range extender

tplinkrepeater net Login Details

Before you begin with the tp-link range extender setup, you’ll need to arrange for the details related to the default login credentials, the web address, the IP address and more. Furthermore, make sure you also have the main router network credentials handy so you don’t have to look for them later during the process.

For now, you can use these range extender credentials:

Default web address: https:// or tplinkrepeater net 

IP address:

Admin username: admin

Default password: password/ 1234/ admin

Getting Access to the login Page

  • Plug in the range extender to the power outlet near your main router. Switch on the power supply and allow the devices to get ready. Notice the power and other status LEDs to turn solid.
  • Open the WiFi Networks section on your computer/smartphone and connect to the TP-Link extender network. You can correspond to the SSID details from over the product manual of your device. When you see the name, click/tap on it to connect.
  • Now, launch a web browser and in the address bar, type in the default web address http // and press Enter/tap Go. You will now see the tplinkrepeater net login page appear on the screen.
  • In the username and password fields that you see on the login page, type in the credentials as present on the product label and click/tap on the Login button.

Modifying the network settings

  • You will now be redirected to the TP-Link extender setup wizard’s welcome screen. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to edit the network settings.
  • The setup wizard will scan for the available networks around the area and display a list of the same. Select the one that belongs to your main router, type in the router network password, and click on the Connect/Join button.
  • On the next screen, edit the network name and set a strong password to protect it. From the ‘Network Security Type’ dropdown, select the ‘WPA2PSK’ option and finally click on the ‘Save’ button.
  • Also specify a new Admin username and password if you like and click/tap Finish.

On the final login wizard, double-check the details and close the setup wizard. You can now connect your wireless enabled devices to the newly setup extender network.

Device Settings Using tplinkrepeater net Setup Wizard

To change the username and password for your Tp-link repeater, you need to login using http // and follow these simple steps:

  1. Be sure to make a connection to your computer or laptop with your Tp Link extender via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection. 
  2. Open up any of your favorite web browser and use the default URL http //, it will redirect you to the login window and ask for the login credentials.
  3. Use the default username and password (Admin) or if you have already changed you can use that specific username and password.
  4. Once you successfully logged into the home page, move to the ‘Wireless Settings’ option.

Changing the details

  1. Under this section, you will find the Extended Wi-Fi name and Extended Wi-Fi Password.
  2. Hereby you can change the SSID and password. It is recommended to select a unique and strong password for security perspectives.
  3. After you change the username and password, click on the ‘Save Changes’ option.
  4. We also recommend rebooting the extender once, before starting your extender again. Reconnect to the extender network using the new password.

Factory Reset Using tplinkrepeater Net

In cases when you forget the password or you are unable to access the login page, and have tried every possible troubleshooting step, yet are facing issues, you can factory reset your repeater. It can be done within a few minutes. For this purpose, follow the below -mentioned steps:

  • Initially, find out the ‘Reset’ button which is usually located on the rear or the bottom panel of the extender.
  • Press and hold the ‘Reset’ button for at least 8-10 seconds. Allow the extender to reboot and try to login to the TP-Link Extender by utilizing the default web address.
  • Use the steps as discussed above to reconfigure your tp-link range extender.
TP-Link range extender setup

How to Disable the LED Lights using Login Page?

If you work at night time and are interested in turning off the LED lights on the front panel of your repeater, you can quickly change the settings by following these steps:

  • Login to TP-Link Extender using http // login page. Or, use the default IP address on your browser and get access to the login page.
  • Go to the ‘Settings Menu’ > ‘System Tools’
  • Under this section, you will notice ‘LED Control’.
  • Click on the ‘Night Mode’ > LED Off Time (you can also specify the time limit here)
  • The LED lights will remain off for the specific time you will mention in the above step.
  • Click on the ‘Save Settings’ and enjoy the dark mode.

FAQs on Login

1. How can I enhance my internet speed?

Wi-Fi boosters or as commonly called range extenders rebroadcast your main router’s signals. The dual-band Wi-Fi boosters are also available which utilize one band to communicate with the routers and another one with the connected devices.

2. Can Router work as an extender?

Any DD-WRT router can be used as an extender when you use a bridging mode. You can manage the settings using the login wizard at any time.

3. Can using more than one Tp-link extender be beneficial?

Yes, we suggest using 1 or 2 tp-link extenders with your network for better browsing experience. If you are using more than 1 extenders, be sure that all the extenders are directly connected to the host Wi-Fi network.

4. Can I use two routers together?

You can use 2 or more than 2 routers at a time for your home network. The users can quickly support more devices with this method. If you are using an Ethernet cable for some devices, you can also opt for Wi-Fi for some devices to achieve more internet connectivity.