How can I do a TP-Link Extender Setup without a WPS button?

A tplink extender is the first choice for many when it comes to selecting a network expansion device for your home. You can choose these devices without any second thought as they are easy to set up. You can use the web-based setup method or the app-based setup method as well. These setup methods are different than the WPS method and can be used to modify the network credentials as well. This blog will walk you through the steps to configure your tp-link extender without a WPS button.

Configure TP-Link Extender

The very first step in Setting up TP-Link Extender device is finding a location where you get at least 70% of the original network strength. It is advised that you place your extender device halfway between the point where you are going to use the internet and the main router. This way it will be ensured that the extender device gets sufficient network strength to amplify your original router’s signal coverage.

Setting up TPLink Extender without WPS

Once you have figured out where to place the extender device, you are only a few steps away from getting the setup done. Following the right steps is the key. This is why we have mentioned the complete steps for you to follow and get done with the process.

Follow the steps:

  • Connect your router and extender device using an Ethernet cable. Take another Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the PC.
  • Now, plug one end of it into the WLAN port on the extender and the other into the LAN port on your computer system.
  • Plug one end of the power cable into the extender device and the other into the power outlet. Turn on the power supply.
  • Once the extender device is powered ON, open any web browser on your computer system and enter tplink in the address bar. Press Enter and you will be directed to the tp-link extender login page.
  • The TP-Link Extender Management wizard will open. As soon as it does, select the Quick Setup option from the menu, choose your region and tap Next.
  • Your TP-Link extender device will now look for existing networks. Once it is done scanning and the name of your router network appears, click on it. Enter the login credentials to connect to the network.
  • Click on the Copy from Main Router button, and click on Next. If you wish to edit the network name and password, you can also edit them separately. modify the details for both the network bands and then save the same.
  • Your TP-Link extender device will now begin extending your router network. You can relocate your extender to the chosen place and connect your wireless devices to the extender network easily.

Unable to set up TPLink Extender?

If you are unable to access the login page, ensure that your computer or smartphone is connected to the computer network. Also, ensure that you are using the correct web address in the address bar of a compatible web browser. If using that doesn’t also help resolve the issue, you can check if there is some third-party antivirus or firewall installed that might hinder the connection process. If so, try disabling the same and accessing the login page again. Furthermore, also try restarting your computer/wireless device and the extender once. If doing all this doesn’t help resolve the issue, you can reset the extender to factory settings.


TP-Link is among the best American brands that manufacture routers and extender devices. If you are looking for the steps to set up your TP-Link router, this blog is all you need.

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