TP Link RE400 Extender

How to Configure TP Link RE400 Extender?

Tp Link RE400 range extender is one of the most prominent wireless extenders. The Tp Link range extenders are built to extend the existing WiFi network at your home in the best way possible. The Tplink RE400 WiFi extender connects to your router and emits signals that reach beyond the normal range. 

Configuring a Tp Link RE400 range extender is pretty simple. The device comes with a default web address that allows users to access its settings. You need this address to login to your device and perform the configuration steps on it. 

To learn about the Tp Link RE400 extender setup in detail, please ensure that you read this post till the end. 

Requirements for Tp Link RE400 range extender setup

It is important that you refer to this section before proceeding with the configuration. This section will list out all the requirements that you need to ensure are met. 

  • Existing WiFi router
  • An Ethernet cable (for wired setup)
  • WiFi network credentials
  • Default login credentials of Tp Link RE400 range extender
  • An active power outlet nearby your router (for extender)

Tp Link RE400 range extender configuration 

Finally comes the section in which we will show you how to set up your device using the private web address We have outlined the configuration steps below:

  1. Insert your Tp Link range extender into the power socket nearby the router. 
  2. After that, switch On the button and turn On your device. If the extender does not power On, press the power button on its backside. 
  3. Thereafter, connect your extender to your PC. Either use an Ethernet cable or WiFi. 
  4. Go to a web browser on your PC and type in the address bar. 
  5. The web address will send you to the TP Link RE400 login page. 
  6. Fill up the username and admin password on the page, and click Login. 
  7. Go to the setup wizard and initiate the setup. 
  8. Let your extender scan for your home network. Connect to the home network by entering the WiFi password. 
  9. Configure the WiFi settings of your extender. You can choose the set up the same network credentials as that of your router. 
  10. Review the final settings and click Save. 
  11. Finally, the RE400 range extender will be configured successfully.

Bonus tip – Make sure you identify an optimal location for your Tp Link extender’s installation. Be sure to not place the extender far away from the router. 

Final thoughts

In order to learn how to configure Tp Link RE400 extender, you need to learn the login and setup instructions as well. We suggest that you check for the latest firmware availability for your extender. Login to your extender and go to the Administration or Maintenance section. 

We hope that the configuration instructions outlined in this post helped you learn how to set up your Tp Link range extender. If you encounter any issues with your RE400 extender, please talk to us for more help.

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