Tp-Link Range Extender

How to Setup Tp-Link Range Extender?

The Tp-Link range extender setup and configuration allow your device to work with the existing wireless router to increase the throughput of your network. The Tp-Link extender is a device that extends the WiFi network of your home or office by pickup up the signals from your router. The extenders, unlike routers, do not connect to the modem directly. They need to be connected to the router in order to work. 

Today, we will discuss how to setup Tp-Link range extender with your existing wireless router’s network. 

Tp-Link range extender setup

1. Download the app

  • Firstly, you need to download the Tp Link Tether app. 
  • The Tp Link Tether app lets you configure your router, gaming router, wireless range extender, and Archer-series routers. 
  • You can download the Tp Link Tether app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. 

2. Plug-in the extender

  • Find a spot nearby your wireless router where you need to plug your extender. 
  • The router and the extender should be close to each other during the Tp-Link range extender setup.
  • Power On your WiFi extender. 

3. Add your extender

  • Open the Tether app on your mobile. 
  • After that, tap Range Extender on the app screen.
  • Tap Add and the app will search for your device. 
  • Once the Tether app detects your range extender, tap Connect. 

4. Create a local password

Now you need to create a local or an admin password to manage your Tp-Link range extender. The local password is not similar to the WiFi password. This password will help you login to the device in the future. 

5. Scan & connect to WiFi

  • Tap Scan and the app will search for all active networks around you. 
  • Locate your home WiFi network and tap the SSID. 
  • Enter the WiFi password of your router’s network and tap Connect. 
  • After that, you will be asked to check the main network passwords. 
  • Review and finalize the settings. 

6. Verify the settings

Finally, the Tp Link Tether app will prompt you to confirm the settings. Once you review and confirm the extender’s settings, tap Apply. The Tp-Link range extender will reboot in order to apply the settings. Kindly wait for the lights to become solid. At last, cross-check that the internet connection is stable on the WiFi network. 

7. Tp-Link extender placement

Now that you have completed setting up your extender, you can find a suitable place for the extender. Make sure you place your device in an area where your router’s main network does not reach. Please ensure that you don’t place the extender far away from the router. 

Tips for Tp-link range extender placement

  • Always keep your extender away from thick walls. 
  • Do not surround your extender with fish tanks, metal pieces, and other wireless devices. 
  • Make sure the power outlet your extender is plugged into is not defective. 


That was all about the Tp-Link range extender setup and configuration. We hope you found this post helpful in setting up your new Tp-Link wireless range extender without any fuss. If you notice any issues or problems with your router or extender, please feel free to reach out to us without wasting any time. We will help you resolve your issues and get back your devices to their normal state.

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